Education Program


At Oakland Unity High School:

  • Our curriculum allows every graduate to meet the University of California A-G requirements.
  • We provide small classes, with an average of 25 students per class.
  • A comprehensive support program provided through a partnership between the school, the families, and the community, assures that students have the support they need to focus on academic growth.
  • Learning experiences allow Unity students to achieve their leadership and academic potential and become creative critical thinkers, compassionate human beings, and effective participants in a multicultural democratic society.
  • Every student is assigned a teacher as an advisor when he/she enters Unity. For the student’s tenure at Unity, the teacher/advisor serves as the mentor and advocate for the student and guides him/her towards graduation and college admission.
  • Extensive college preparatory/counseling program for students and their families on academic requirements and financial assistance, and regular college visits beginning from 9th grade introducing and familiarizing Unity students to college life.
  • Unity’s Habits of Mind and Heart provide guiding principles for students, and integrate our educational philosophy throughout our curriculum.