Special Education

Special Education Programming at Oakland Unity High School

Unity offers special education services through the Resource Specialist Program.  This program is possible in partnership with the Sonoma County SELPA (Special Education Local Plan Area).  The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) is designed for students to fully participate in general education curriculum with support from the RS teaching staff.  Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are served through consultation by the RS teacher and general education teachers on appropriate modifications and accommodations that will provide students access to curriculum. Students with IEPs may also have opportunity to receive one on one assistance and instruction when necessary form Special Education staff.  IEP meetings will be either held annually or as needed to review progress and incorporate family and parent perspective.

Unity implements a school wide system to identify students with special needs or learning disabilities through the Student Success Plan (SSP).  General and special education staff work with families through small team meetings to first develop a support plan to assist academically struggling students.  Through focused action plans, SSP teams create strategies and system supports to address academic needs.   At family and parent request, Unity provides extensive psycho-educational testing in order to determine if students have a learning disability and qualify for Special Education services under IDEA.

Unity welcomes students who require additional support through the 504 Plan.  Students with a 504 Plan are provided with accommodations that allow access to the general education curriculum.  Families with students with 504 Plans are met with annually to discuss progress and developing needs of each student.